It's a rare crystal-clear day here in the city by the bay, and readers, it is a true delight. Even up in Twin Peaks, a notoriously fog-filled neighborhood, I could make out the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out from over the distant hills. The beach and slate blue water lifted their omnipresent veil and called to me. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that this beautiful clarity lasts through the weekend.

I've professed my love for certain things IKEA before, but there's also plenty that leaves me cold.

The winners will be featured in the February 2011 issue and announced at our annual CH+D Achievement Awards Gala.

We all know the saying about people in glass houses, but really, who'd want to throw a retaliatory stone at this beauty?

Beyond their pretty tasting rooms, these wineries get down and dirty with biodynamic farming, biodiesel trucks and structures that soak up the sun to power the presses.

Working from home has its perks (namely, wearing your pajamas all day long), but sometimes a little separation between home life (namely, the fridge) and the daily grind is a good thing–which is why these cocoons from Sustainsia, Inc. are so genius.

Decorating your walls poses the same problem as choosing a mate: Commitment is scary. Although finding the right partner is a challenging problem, there's an easy answer for your home.

I've had a place in my heart for Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson's pretty prints since back in the early 00's, when her colorful scarves and bags first came on the scene. But while her fashion accessories caused a serious flutter in my chest, her new line of bedding has me ecstatic.

Want to own a piece of Hollywood history? The Beverly House,  in–where else?–Beverly Hills is over 50,000-square-feet and 3.7 acres of fabled story. If these walls could talk, we'd probably have enough gossip for a few juicy tell-alls.

While I'm a firm believer that September is way too soon for stores to put up Thanksgiving decorations (I'm looking at you, Pottery Barn), it's never too early to start honing your skills in the art of entertaining–whether it be in anticipation of the holidays or just a dinner party next week.


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