I've fawned over countless homes on this blog before, from sprawling mansions to petite cottages; I've even yearned for a playhouse or two. But you'd think I'd draw the line at chicken coops, right? Sadly, no. It seems my property envy knows no bounds.

What are your thoughts on the widespread omnipresence of mid-century modern home furniture? Some say the style's resurgence has run its course. To that I say, pshaw. I'm all for embracing new looks, but I don't see MCM design passing into the night anytime soon.

The most I ever built in school was a wicked mashed potato tower in the cafeteria, but then I was never a student of architecture at Academy of Art University. And it's with good reason: Those students really know what they're doing, far and beyond food sculpture.

Shop: SALE What events not to miss this weekend, from sales to exhibitions to open houses.

No trip to L.A. is complete without a drive down Melrose. Here you get a quick rundown of all of the city's fashion cliques on one street, moving from swanky highbrow (think Maxfield) to in-you-face trendy (hi, Fred Segal!) to funky thrift stores in just a short drive east.

Sometimes the best thing about a long weekend is the shortened workweek that follows. Friday's already back, and everybody's got a little extra pep in their step because of it.

If there's one thing to love about fall, it's the chance to break out all those cozy sweaters that have been sitting patiently in the back of the closet. While I love (love) warm weather, there's just nothing like fall fashion's warm knits to get me excited about the change of seasons.

Tree Huggers • Harads, SwedenFor a wooded escape with a bit more luxury than a two-person tent, Treehotel in Northern Sweden offers six private tree houses for guests. Five different architects signed on to design the structures, which feature a variety of whimsical themes, from a twig-covered “bird’s nest” to a mirrored box that reflects the surrounding forest to a UFO that appears poised for touchdown. Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads, Sweden, 011-46-928-10403,

Getting people to stop and notice a unique design is hard in today's overly saturated , lackadaisical world, but to get them to look twice? Well, that's not something that happens every day.

In honor of its 50th anniversary, French furniture house Roche Bobois  is pulling out the big guns, unveiling a new limited edition collaboration with legendary fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier.


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