Lately a few of us at CH&D have been hearing the word "steampunk" thrown around.

"A calendar in the middle of the year? Stop the insanity!" I hear you say. I know we've just entered September, but hear me out: These prints from Los Angeles artist Claire Nereim are built for this year, the next, and so on ad infinitum. It's the last calendar you'll ever need!

When it comes to good design, the chair is an object on which we can all offer up our two cents. It's easy to know when a seat works well because it feels comfortable, it's ergonomic, and of course, it looks good while doing so. If it's made from environmentally friendly resources, well hey, that's icing on the cake.

We've got no shortage of adorable boutiques here in San Francisco, but that doesn't mean I get any less excited when a new one opens.

I've seen Blood Diamond one too many times to feel carefree about shiny karats. Nevertheless, I'll admit to still guiltily loving a little bejeweled bedazzlement. Rather than shred my conscience (not to mention my bank account), I'll skip the gems and opt for chairs and tables from Vieyrah Designs instead.

I've gone into great detail on the candle situation in my house before. In short, my boyfriend is quite the fan, and as long as he's getting the subtle scents I like, we can agree on one or two burning throughout the house at any given time. But a display of prettily packaged candles gets knocked down a peg when they're next to that bright plastic gas station lighter we use to light them.

Shop: SALE What events not to miss this weekend, from sales to exhibitions to open houses.

If my inbox is any indication, I’d say everyone is getting into the private sale sector.

Our sister publication 7x7 recently asked readers to share their favorite local Etsy stores. With the amount of time I spend poring over that site I could probably have learned how to knit, sew, or crochet for myself by now, but since I'm still no master crafter, perhaps I can consider myself a master of the Etsy markets instead.

A gallery wall full of framed pictures is something I aspire to build in my house, but more often than not my jpegs languish on a flash drive for years before I get around to framing any of them. It’s not for lack of interest, or pure laziness on my part either.


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