Before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, Marin County was a sleepy place, mostly open coastal meadow and virgin redwood forest. Wood was cheap. Many houses were built in an East Coast vernacular using local materials by ship's carpenters at turn of the 20th Century. Eager for some extra work while waiting for theirs ships to leave from San Francisco, what they built became a classic local style.

Hal Levitt's own house from the 60s, the home of a major figure in LA's old live music scene from the 80s, and from the late-40s, a house that looks the part.

Built at the height of the boom— with room for all that era's excesses, this vast duplex loft is ready to be reinvented. Or at least ready to cruise through this Sunday after brunch.

Two houses— one c.1923 cottage gets an addition in 2010 to make it modern family house, while the other has been in the same family for over a hundred years and is ready for some serious restoration, but comes with its own archive.

Take a look at these three very different ways to live in San Francisco– a renovated Edwardian in SOMA, a romantic Victorian cottage in Dolores Heights, and a modest Norman Style stucco house in Forest Hill– all open on Sunday, June 24.

Designed for night and day, this party-ready Mid-Century house has undergone a renovation that could have gone totally wrong, but didn't. If you've only got time for one open house this weekend, this is the one.

Open Sunday: A Victorian condo in Pacific Heights with a no-holds-barred remodel by the partners in Green Couch Design and in SOMA, an austere 3-level townhouse condo by Adele Naudé Santos, elegantly recalling the neighborhood's original warehouses.

Los Angeles is full of vast, stucco condo buildings— few of which are especially interesting. Here are three recent projects open this weekend really worth a look.

San Francisco's Mid-Market— the sorry stretch of Market Street from roughly 6th Street to Van Ness Avenue— is currently undergoing a change as brand-new start-ups join successful firms like Twitter and Zynga thanks to a massive payroll tax break by the city.

Silver Lake (or Silverlake) is one of our favorite neighborhoods, full of classic examples of LA's Modernist tradition, with houses by Schindler, a whole colony of Neutra houses, and a slew of others scattered around the two hills flanking the reservoir.